Panasonic KX-P453

     Panasonic KX-P453 Compatible Cartridges:

  Panasonic KX-P453 - Black Compatible Toner Cartridge
Yield: 3,000 pages @ 5% coverage
$20.85   (Compare to $54.00 - Save 61%)
Replaces:   KXP453
KX-P453 Cartridge

   •  Drums & Fusers: Your printer uses these drums or fusers:

  Panasonic KX-PDM5 - Black Compatible Toner Drum
Yield: 18,000 pages @ 5% coverage
Replaces:   KXPDM5
This is NOT a Toner cartridge. It is the DRUM Unit only.
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Toner DRUM

Our Compatible Toner Drums are guaranteed to give you the same results as new Panasonic toner drums.  Save money without compromising print quality!

Panasonic KX-P453 cartridges are used in these printers:

Panasonic KV-SP 500, Panasonic KV-SP 505, Panasonic KX-F 511, Panasonic KX-F 511 File System, Panasonic KX-F 551, Panasonic KX-F 551 File System, Panasonic KX-F 3000 G, Panasonic KX-F 3000 G Fax, Panasonic KX-P 4410, Panasonic KX-P 4410 S, Panasonic KX-P 4430, Panasonic KX-P 4440, Panasonic KX-P 5410, Panasonic KX-P 5440, Panasonic PanaFax UF-766, Panasonic Sidewriter 4440, Panasonic Sidewriter 5400, Roland DG LP-510, Roland DG LP-530, Roland DG LP-570 PS, Roland DG LP-1030, Roland LP 410, Roland LP 410-1, Roland LP 530, Roland LP 570 PS, Roland LP 1070 PS, Roland Raven LP-410, Roland Raven LP-410-1, Roland Raven LP-510, Roland Raven LP-530, Roland Raven LP-570 PS, Roland Raven LP-570 S, Roland Raven LP-1030, Roland Raven LP-1070 PS, Roland Raven LP-3010, Siemens Fax 570,