These testimonials were copied directly from
emails sent to us by our customers:

I received my ink refills - thank you so much! I had never done this before, but it worked great! Not to mention, it saved me at least $40. You've won a loyal customer. Thanks again!

Joe, you are right. I got it to work. I had no problem with b/w. I could not get the refilled and reset color cartridge (t027201) to work at first. After turning off and back on the printer, it seemed to work. The print quality is fine - not different from what i saw with the original cartridges. Thanks.

Received my ink order, very prompt service. Thank you, sherry

Dear sir/ms. I wish to thank you for your prompt service. I ordered ink from you on April 1, and it was delivered this morning. I never expected it that fast. I have already recommended you to some of my friends. Yours truly, Barry

I just wanted to send a note of "thanks". You have provided me with a wonderful solution to a problem. I am an artist and i also dabble in photography. I was excited about getting a scanner and printer with my pc, but my enchantment was short-lived the first time i had to spend $65 on ink cartridges. I have spent a small fortune on ink, and then one day i found your website. I sent for the kit plus ink, and today i refilled my triple-color cartridge as per your instructions. Everything went without a hitch, and i was able to "purge" the excess ink using your color pages. My printer works fantastic!!! It was even fun!!! I am a happy camper. Thanks a bunch!!!

Received my order. I would like to let you know how pleased i am with your products. The directions were very easy to follow and the print quality for the black and color is very good. I have passed your name to several friends and family and they will be ordering from you and i will continue to order. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks, a happy customer Shelby

The service I received from your company was off the charts in my experience and I wanted to share that. I am a 63 year old consumer, and have bought many a product and dealt with many a company in all those years I have been around. I started out a month ago just needing some refill ink for my Canon printer. After ordering and quickly (3 days) receiving my order, I bought another Canon printer that required pigmented black ink instead of dye type ink. I asked through email numerous detailed questions about the difference, importance, etc. thinking I could use either ink. One of the staff, who read my email, on her own initiative, reviewed my previous order, thoroughly explained the differences, answered all my questions in detail, and called me to let me know that, besides their recommendation, they would be happy to take back any unopened ink, which was quite a bit, and offered to handle an exchange to help me save some money. It had not even crossed my mind, and though I chose to just order another large bottle of the pigmented black ink and keep the rest, that kind of service, in a very courteous way, initiated by them, is very rare in my experience. They have clearly gotten my vote for one of the best customer experiences I have had, and I still have my memory!!!!!!!!! My experience is that kind of service is the norm with them, based on several past orders. My new order, by the way, was with free shipping and took two days. MacWain P. It is a pleasure to do business with you.

I requested a large starter kit on 5/23/03 some time in the morning. I was out of back ink. The very next day i received the new kit!!!! Today i refilled the black using the directions provided. Removal of the old "ball like" plug required some dexterity but worked quite well. Others have warned me that refilling ink cartridges does not work and causes a real leaky mess. This is certainly not true and the new black ink print quality is excellent!!! My son, who has been told not to ever refill cartridges is now going to become a customer of yours. I think that the problem others have is that they drill out the plug by drilling in the crevice between the plug and the housing and thus damage the housing so that the allen screw can't seal. I wrote you for two reasons; one is to thank you for the for the incredible delivery time on my package and the fine print quality; the second is that you might want to add a note (for the mechanically impaired) to make sure that they drill the center of the ball. Thanks again - jim

I received my ink refill kit today!! Wow - was that fast. I appreciate your fast service - i plan on using you again.

The ink refill kit i received from you is working great. You got a hellofa great product here and i'm sure hp hates you. It obvious the money is in ink cartridge and not printers......this hp 3820 printer works well and only cost $99 dollars.... But the black and color cartridge cost $59.99. Tim

Hi joe It worked beautifully. The indicator shows full now. For some reason the quality of the printings improved. The same phenomenon happened with the color cartridge. There must be a technical reason for it. I suggest that you highly recommend your costumers to adjust the ink level indicator. Thank you again for your kindness and patience. Nathan

Joe - thank you for your prompt reply. I tried printing in color after receiving your message. And it worked!! Will be in touch next time i need refill materials. Nick

I just snapped in my first cartridge that i had refilled, and the computer ran a test sheet and every thing came out just great. This being my first time at refilling any cartridge and the results was just perfect. I would recommend you and your method of refills to anyone, and you can quote me any time you want to. And again thank you for saving me money by using your refill instructions, i followed them just as it was printed and every thing turned out perfect. I have found that putting the ink in the cartridge just as you have stated and there will no problems..again thank you.. Jim

well you were right--it works!!I filled the Lexmark x83 and other than not putting in enough ink the first time it was clean and easy to do. Think I'll take the wife out to dinner tonight on the ink money we saved, also told my friend about you he has same printer thanks Andy

Thank you so much for all your time and help with my problem. And your prompt replies. thanks again.

Over the years I have been ordering from you, your company has proved itself to be a very worthy company to deal with. Anytime I had the least problem, you have always gone out of the way to make things better. I was never disappointed. Feel free to use me any time for a reference. I truly have been pleased by your company on more than one occasion. Frank F

thanx so much for making good on this--i received the new cartridge, and it works perfectly. as you instructed, i've repackaged the faulty cartridge and am sending it back to you tomorrow. i'm really impressed with the way you handled this--even finding my original order after i had long thrown the paperwork away! will definitely place all future orders with you and will refer my friends. Lynn

Thanks for helping me with the cartridges. You have really gone out of your way. I will continue to buy ink from you and i will recommend your company to others when i can.

Just a quick note to say what a great job you are doing! I picked up a cartridge for my HP printer today which fixed the issue it was having...and your helpful staff gave me some advice that took care of the problem with my Brother printer. Spread the word to everyone, keep up the good work! It's really nice to see such a great company rooted in wonderful Vicksburg. Thanks again, Craig

Thank you for the order, the directions were easy to comprehend and execute. The prices were great too and so is the quality. Ray

I have received the ink refill kit!!! Works like the real thing. I am very satisfied with the product and with will definitely order again!!! I have referred some friend to your website. Thanks again

Thanks for your Great Printer Ink Services. At 78, I have Semi-Retired even though I'm still using my same Printer. I will let you know when I need a Replacement Cartridge for my current printer. Your Service is Very Much Appreciated! It's been a GodSend over the last 47 years! Thanks for providing such a Great Service! I have Recommended Your Service to My Design Friends, Customers and Associates! Keep up Your Excellent Replacement Service! Best Regards, John

Good morning, you folks have a very fast delivery system. My order was placed last Saturday, and i received it on Wednesday of this week. Calculating the amount i will save verses buying a new cartridge every time it comes out to roughly a $600 savings. When the time comes to order a color refill kit, i will be ordering it from you. Thanks again, and have a very nice day, Roger

Great service and product ,thanks again!! Gail

Sirs: i am 50 years old. I purchase many items via the internet. I have come to expect adequate service, truth in advertising, and satisfactory performance from the things i purchase. I have become jaded, and am rarely "wowed" by items i receive. Congratulations! Your company deserves a "wow!" your price was very good. I was adequately impressed by your "no questions asked" guarantee. The products i ordered arrived when you said they would arrive. So far, business as usual. But, then i read the extremely simple instructions, and followed them. In spite of your warnings of small amounts of ink spillage and your estimation of first time refilling, i was amazed. For my canon s750, i reloaded all four ink cartridges in less than 15 minutes. I ended up with two tiny smudges on my fingers, and no ink anywhere except for the drips from the head as you warned of. Good service? No! Great service!! Why didn't i do this years (and hundreds of dollars) ago? Again, good product, good instructions, good attitude. Thank you! George

Thanks for your service, i receive my inks today in the morning, so i filled my cartridge, and its working, very good, i really appreciate your service,, it was so fast, and i going to recommend to my friends, god bless you costumer support team...have a nice day.... from. Puerto Rico - Dinelia

Just wanted to tell you that you have a super web site that's highly efficient (in fact it's the only place i could locate immediatly the right cartridges for my printer). That's pretty rare in the industry in general. And you're also doing great business otherwise too (prices, availability, products, shipping, etc.)

My first order from you was a stupendous success. I installed the ink for four cartridges without difficulty. The instructions were easy to follow, and the equipment that was provided made the task a breeze - since frankly, I am not a gifted handyman. After I replaced the four newly refilled cartridges in my HP Photosmart 5510d, the first set of photographs that I printed were absolutely color perfect . No adjustments were necessary. The refilled cartridges are obviously as good as the original ones from Hewlett Packard! You may quote me to prospective (and possibly doubting) customers. Sincerely,. Alastair

I would just like to tell you thanks for sending my order quickly. Your products are great and easy to use. I am sure glad that i found your website. Thanks again I will recommend you to all my friends.

Iím sure you get your fair share of e-mails complaining about one thing or another, but I had to write and tell you how impressed I am with your company. This is the second time I have ordered ink from you and the second time that I have been blown away by your awesome customer service. I ordered my ink around mid-morning on Saturday and TWO DAYS LATER had my ink in my hand! Is that phenomenal or what?! I also have to commend you for keeping your prices so affordable. I am a foster mother of seven children and I attend college full time. Money is tight and the cost of ink was killing me! I havenít had the guts to try the refill kit yet, but the same ink that used to cost me $80 (black, magenta, cyan and yellow) in the store now (through you) costs me roughly $27 including shipping! Thatís incredible! Please know that you are appreciated and I take every opportunity to tell others about you and your wonderful team and their awesome customer service. You are a rare gem among online retailers and I wish you many years of success! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Tracy

My experience with the Printer Ink Warehouse has been great. The delivery was prompt, the directions for replacing the ink was spot on and the response for any problems was immediate. I would recommend this site to any one wanting to purchase ink. Frances K

Wow!! What great service! As soon as i got off-line with your site my phone rang and it was your customer service calling to confirm my order. He did tell me since my order was after 1pm i would'nt get the order till monday, thought that was fine, i ordered on saturday. Please tell him if you can i got my order by and off duty postal worker on Easter Sunday at 1pm. Wow!! Still in shock!! Best service i have ever had! Keep up the great work. And yes i will tell everybody! Sincerely Susan

Just to let you know that the order arrived sooner than i expected, and have used it for the first time, and i am well satisfied. The instructions are very good, i had no trouble using the kit, and will be ordering more at a later date. I would highly recommend your company for this product. Best regards, Richard

I received my ink refill kit today!! Wow - was that fast. I appreciate your fast service - i plan on using you again. Mark

Received my order today, it's exactly what i wanted. I'll tell all my friends who have a need for your product. Fast service, thanks Harold