100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All our products have a One Full Year Guarantee. The only requirement is that the returned product is at least 70% full when received back at our warehouse.

Unlike Other Companies there is no small text:

  1. We don't make you jump through hoops.  Just follow our Easy Return Directions
  2. We don't make you keep the receipt to get a refund
  3. We don't only give you 30 or 45 days to try the product
  4. We don't make you pay to ship the product back to us (US addresses only)
  5. We don't deduct the cost of "free shipping" from your refund

Why is our warranty so complete?  First, our products are second to none, and we have very few products returned.  Second, we want you to feel confident enough to plan ahead and stock up with several cartridges. You should never have to worry that if you open up a cartridge six months later and it doesn't work, that you are out your investment.