Ink Cartridges

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Green Ink And Toner is the Internet's largest distributor of eco-friendly ink cartridges. We know that when you're out of ink you're out of business so we make sure that 99% of all orders are shipped on the same business day as ordered. In addition, all orders $45 or more are shipped for FREE.

Ink jet printers use ink cartridges to 'spray' ink through a print-head onto the printing media (usually paper).  The print head blends black, cyan, magenta and yellow ink to create all colors of the rainbow.  There are two types of ink jet printers each with different types of ink jet cartridges.

  1. One type of printer (Brother, Canon, Epson and others) has the printhead build right into the printer.  The ink cartridges for these printers is nothing more than a holding-tank full of ink with an exit-port which fits snugly on top of the printhead and supplies the printer with ink.  The Printer Ink Warehouse sells compatible ink cartridges to replace these cartridges at significant discounts over what you're currently paying for cartridges. These compatible ink cartridges are manufactured to match the specifications of the ink cartridge which came with your printer

  2. The other type of printer (HP, Lexmark, Xerox and others) has the printhead built right in the ink cartridge.  The printhead is, in effect, disposable.  The printer communicates with the print-head via a copper strip which is really a printed circuit also built into the ink cartridge.  The circuitry for these cartridges is patent protected so compatible cartridges are not available for them.  The Printer Ink Warehouse sells remanufactured ink cartridges (cartridges which have been used once, cleaned, rebuilt, filled with ink and tested)  to replace these cartridges, again at a significant discount over what you currently pay for cartridges.