Sharp Fax FO-4500

     Sharp Fax FO-4500 Compatible Cartridges:

  Sharp FO45ND - Black Compatible Toner Cartridge
Yield: 5,600 pages @ 5% coverage
$34.78   (Compare to $110.00 - Save 68%)
Replaces:   UX50ND, F045ND, E146350SP
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   •  Drums & Fusers: Your printer uses these drums or fusers:

  Sharp FO45DR - Black Compatible Toner Drum
Yield: 20,000 pages @ 5% coverage
$5.95   (Compare to $148.00 - Save 96%)
Replaces:   FO-45DR, F0-45DR, F045DR
THIS PRODUCT CAN ONLY BE SHIPPED WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES. This is NOT a Toner cartridge. It is the DRUM Unit only. The Toner Cartridge(s) is/are sold separately
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Toner DRUM

Our Compatible Toner Drums are guaranteed to give you the same results as new Sharp toner drums.  Save money without compromising print quality!

     Sharp Fax FO-4500 Refill Kits

Refilling toner cartridges is actually easier than refilling ink cartridges. Toner cartridges can usually be refilled 2-3 times before the print quality starts to degrade. All toner cartridges are different so it's critical to have the right toner, tools and instructions for your cartridge. Our refill kits are NOT generic refill kits - the toner and instructions are designed specifically for your cartridge:

     Sharp Fax FO-4500 Bulk Toner

This bulk toner is NOT generic toner. It is manufactured to match the Fax FO-4500 toner, and is guaranteed to meet or exceed your current print quality. Order up to 10 bottles - Note: You will receive bottles of toner only - no refill tools or instructions.

FO45ND BLACK Bulk Toner

BLACK Toner - These Bottles each contain 90 grams of black toner and will provide one full refill for your FO45ND.

Sharp FO45ND cartridges are used in these printers:

Sharp Fax FO-4500, Sharp Fax FO-4550, Sharp Fax FO-5500, Sharp Fax FO-5600, Sharp Fax FO-6500, Sharp Fax UX-5000, Sharp FO 4500, Sharp FO 5500, Sharp FO 5600, Sharp FO 6500, Sharp FO 6550, Sharp FO 6600, Sharp FO 6650, Sharp FO 7500, Sharp UX 5000, Sharp UX 5000 Pro, Sharp UX 5000 Pro Laser, Develop Defax 6500, Develop Defax 7500, Gestetner 9765, Gestetner 9766 Fax, IBM Optra E, Imagistics 3400, Infotec 3671, Infotec 3672, Konica Minoltafax 2500, Konica Minoltafax 3500, Konica Minoltafax 5500, Konica Minoltafax 5600, Konica Pageworks 6 E, Konica Pageworks 6 L, Konica-Minolta Fax 2500, Konica-Minolta Fax 3500, Konica-Minolta Fax 5500, Konica-Minolta FAX 5500 E, Konica-Minolta Fax 5600, Konica-Minolta Minoltafax 2500, Konica-Minolta Minoltafax 3500, Konica-Minolta Minoltafax 5500, Konica-Minolta Minoltafax 5600, Konica-Minolta PagePro 6, Konica-Minolta Pageworks 6, Konica-Minolta Pageworks 6 E, Konica-Minolta Pageworks 6 L, Lanier 1205 Fax MFD, Lanier 1210, Lanier 1210 Fax MFD, Lanier 1210 MFD, Lanier 1240, Lanier 1240 Fax MFD, Lanier 1260, Lanier 1260 Fax MFD, Lanier 1260 MFD, Lexmark 4026, Lexmark Optra E, Lexmark Optra E Plus Mac Ready, Lexmark Optra E+, Lexmark Optra EP, Lexmark Optra ES, Lexmark Optra ES Plus, Lexmark Optra Et, MB 9415, Minolta Fax 5500 E, Minolta Pagepro 6, Minolta Pageworks 6, Minolta Pageworks 6 E, Minolta Pageworks 6 L, Monroe MX 5020, Monroe MX 5050, Monroe MX 5070, Murata-Muratec F 95, Murata-Muratec F 95 E, Murata-Muratec F 98, Murata-Muratec F 100, Murata-Muratec F 120, Murata-Muratec F 150, Murata-Muratec F 160, Muratec F 95, Muratec F 95 E, Muratec F 98, Muratec F 100, Muratec F 120, Muratec F 150, Muratec F 160, Nashuatec P 395, Nashuatec P 396, Nashuatec P 806, NEC LCR 50 X, NEC Superscript 600 Plus, NEC Superscript 660 Plus, Okidata Okifax 5800, PitneyBowes 3400, PitneyBowes-Imagistics 3400, QMS PagePro 6, QMS Pageworks 6 E, QMS Pageworks 6 L, Rex 5206, Rex 6474, Rex 6475, Ricoh 1700 L, Ricoh Fax 1700 L, Ricoh Fax 1750 MP, Ricoh MV 106, Ricoh MV 106 L, Samsung 3650, Samsung 3655, Savin SavinFax 3650, Savin SavinFax 3655,