Sharp JX 9400

     Sharp JX 9400 Compatible Cartridges:

  Sharp JX96ND - Black Compatible Toner Cartridge
Yield: 15,000 pages @ 5% coverage
Replaces:   FO48ND, JX-96ND, JX-96DC, JX96DC
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   •  Drums & Fusers: Your printer uses these drums or fusers:

  Sharp JX96DR - Black Compatible Toner Drum
Yield: 30,000 pages @ 5% coverage
$12.95   (Compare to $199.00 - Save 93%)
This is NOT a Toner cartridge. It is the DRUM Unit only. The Toner Cartridge(s) is/are sold separately. THIS PRODUCT CAN ONLY BE SHIPPED WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES.
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Toner DRUM

Our Compatible Toner Drums are guaranteed to give you the same results as new Sharp toner drums.  Save money without compromising print quality!

Sharp JX96ND cartridges are used in these printers:

Sharp Fax FO-3400, Sharp Fax FO-3400 T, Sharp Fax FO-3450, Sharp Fax FO-3450 T, Sharp Fax FO-3850, Sharp Fax FO-4800, Sharp Fax FO-4810, Sharp Fax FO-4810 T, Sharp Fax FO-4850, Sharp Fax FO-5400, Sharp Fax FO-5400 T, Sharp Fax FO-5450, Sharp Fax JX-9400, Sharp Fax JX-9400 H, Sharp Fax JX-9450, Sharp Fax JX-9450 PS, Sharp Fax JX-9460, Sharp Fax JX-9460 PS, Sharp Fax JX-9600, Sharp Fax JX-9600 PS, Sharp Fax JX-9660, Sharp Fax JX-9660 PS, Sharp Fax JX-9680, Sharp Fax JX-9685, Sharp Fax JX-9712, Sharp Fax SF-3400 T, Sharp FO 3450, Sharp FO 3450 T, Sharp FO 3850, Sharp FO 4800, Sharp FO 4810, Sharp FO 4810 T, Sharp FO 4850, Sharp FO 5400, Sharp FO 5400 T, Sharp FO 5450, Sharp JX 9400, Sharp JX 9400 H, Sharp JX 9450, Sharp JX 9460, Sharp JX 9460 PS, Sharp JX 9600, Sharp JX 9600 PS, Sharp JX 9640, Sharp JX 9660, Sharp JX 9660 PS, Sharp JX 9680, Sharp JX 9685, Sharp JX 9712, Dataproducts LZR 855, Dataproducts LZR 855 GDI, Dataproducts LZR 855 PS, Dataproducts LZR 888, Dataproducts LZR 895, OCE 6150, OCE 6151, Olivetti PG L-12, Texas-Instruments 2569512-16PPM, Texas-Instruments 2633500-0001, Texas-Instruments 2633500-0003, Texas-Instruments 9798433-0001, Texas-Instruments 9798434-0001, Texas-Instruments Microlaser Power Pro, Texas-Instruments Microlaser Power Pro 1200, Texas-Instruments Microlaser Pro 300, Texas-Instruments Microlaser Pro 600, Texas-Instruments Microlaser Pro 600 Model PS23, Texas-Instruments Microlaser Pro 600 Model PS65, Texas-Instruments Microlaser Pro 1200, Texas-Instruments Microlaser Pro E, Texas-Instruments Microlaser Pro/ 8, Texas-Instruments Microlaser Pro/ 12, Texas-Instruments Power Pro 1200-12PPM, Texas-Instruments Power Pro E, Texas-Instruments PS 23 MICROLaser, Texas-Instruments PS 65 MICROLaser,