Xerox-Tektronix WorkCentre XK-50 CX

     Xerox-Tektronix WorkCentre XK-50 CX Remanufactured Cartridges:

  Xerox-Tektronix 8R7881 - Black Remanufactured Cartridge
$9.74   (Compare to $46.89 - Save 79%)
Replaces:   17G0050, 8R07881
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Our Remanufactured Cartridges are guaranteed to give you the same results as new Xerox-Tektronix cartridges. You use them exactly the same as you would new Xerox-Tektronix cartridges - when your printer runs empty, you remove the old cartridge, replace it with one of our Remanufactured Cartridges and continue printing just as you would with a new Xerox-Tektronix cartridge.  Save money without compromising print quality!

     Xerox-Tektronix WorkCentre XK-50 CX Refill Kits

WorkCentre XK-50CX Black Refill Kit

WorkCentre XK-50CX BLACK Refill Kits: Each kit includes pigmented black ink plus all refill-tools and instructions needed to easily refill your Xerox-Tektronix 8R7881 cartridge

Starter Kit-$10.95

This kit contains 40 ml of pigmented black ink (2.7 refills) plus all refill tools and instructions.

Large Kit-$19.95

This kit contains 120 ml of pigmented black ink (8 refills) plus all refill tools and instructions.

Most Popular

X-Large Kit-$28.95

This kit contains 250 ml of pigmented black ink (16.7 refills) plus all refill tools and instructions.

Best Value

     Xerox-Tektronix WorkCentre XK-50 CX Bulk Ink

  1)  Do you need refill tools & instructions:

YES  - ship a complete refill kit for all inks selected in this form ($4.95)

NO  - I have all refill tools and instructions needed - I just want more ink

  2)  Select ink quantity for your refill kit:

Black Cartridge:

BLACK INK - Xerox-Tektronix 8R7881 compatible:
(pigmented black ink)

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Xerox-Tektronix 8R7881 cartridges are used in these printers:

Xerox-Tektronix Document WorkCentre 470 CX, Xerox-Tektronix Document WorkCentre 480 CX, Xerox-Tektronix Document WorkCentre XK-35 C, Xerox-Tektronix DocuPrint C-20, Xerox-Tektronix DocuPrint NC-20, Xerox-Tektronix DocuPrint XJ-8 C, Xerox-Tektronix DocuPrint XJ-9 C, Xerox-Tektronix WorkCenter Xk-25 C, Xerox-Tektronix WorkCenter Xk-35 C, Xerox-Tektronix WorkCentre 470 CX, Xerox-Tektronix WorkCentre 480 CX, Xerox-Tektronix WorkCentre 490, Xerox-Tektronix WorkCentre 490 CX, Xerox-Tektronix WorkCentre XK-35 C, Xerox-Tektronix WorkCentre Xk-35 CX, Xerox-Tektronix WorkCentre XK-50 CX, Kodak PM 200, Kodak PM 215, Lexmark 3100 MFP, Lexmark Color Jetprinter Z-12, Lexmark Color Jetprinter Z-22, Lexmark Color Jetprinter Z-32, Lexmark Color Jetprinter Z-705, Lexmark P 705, Lexmark P 705 Photo, Lexmark P 706, Lexmark P 707, Lexmark P 707 Photo, Lexmark P 707 PhotoJet Printer, Lexmark P 3120, Lexmark P 3140, Lexmark P 3150, Lexmark P 3150 Print-Trio Photo, Lexmark Photo JetPrinter P-707, Lexmark Photo JetPrinter Z-705, Lexmark Z 12, Lexmark Z 12 ColorJet Printer, Lexmark Z 22, Lexmark Z 22 ColorJet Printer, Lexmark Z 32, Lexmark Z 32 ColorJet Printer, Lexmark Z 703, Lexmark Z 705, Lexmark Z 705 PhotoJet Printer, Lexmark Z 706 PhotoJet Printer, Lexmark Z 707, Lexmark Z 708, Lexmark Z 715, Lexmark Z 715 PhotoJet Printer,