Epson MJ 100

     Epson MJ 100 Compatible Cartridges:

   Note: These are aftermarket products and NOT Genuine Epson Products

  HP 51604A - Black Compatible Cartridge
Yield: 550 pages @ 5% coverage
Replaces:   92261A
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Our Compatible Cartridges are guaranteed to give you the same results as new HP cartridges at savings of up to 50%. You use them exactly the same as you would new HP cartridges - when your printer runs empty, you remove the old cartridge, replace it with one of our Compatible Cartridges and continue printing just as you would with a new HP cartridge.  Save money without compromising print quality!

HP 51604A cartridges are used in these printers:

HP QuietJet, HP QuietJet 2228 A, HP QuietJet Plus, HP QuietJet Plus 2227 A, HP QuietJet Plus 2227 B, HP ScanJet N-9120, HP ThInkJet, HP ThInkJet 2225, HP ThInkJet 2225 A, HP ThInkJet 2225 B, HP ThInkJet 2225 C, HP ThInkJet 2225 D, Addmaster IJ 1000, Addmaster IJ 2000, Addmaster IJ 2040, Addmaster IJ 2050, Addmaster IJ 3000, Addmaster IJ 3080, Addmaster IJ 3160, Addmaster IJ 9000, Addmaster Marchant 2001, Addmaster MicrJet, Addmaster MJ 5000, Brother CheckWriter CW-600, Brother CheckWriter CW-1000, Canon BP 10 D, Canon BP 12 D, Canon BP 25 D, Canon BP 26 D, Canon BP 35 D, Canon BP 36 D, Canon BP 37 D, Canon BP 37 DE, Canon BP 37 DH, Canon BP 47 DH, Canon BP 1025 D, Canon BP 1200 DH, Canon BP 1211 D, Canon BP 1225 D, Canon BP 1400 DH, Canon BP 1400 DL, Canon BP 1425 D, Canon BP 1445 D, Canon BP 5020 D, Canon BP 5220 D, Canon BP 5420 D, Casio PJ 10 L, Casio PJ 20 L, Casio PJ 140 L, Casio PJ 160 L, Casio PJ 180 L, Diconix 150, Digital-Check TellerScan 200, Digital-Check TellerScan 350 EBS, Epson MJ 100, Facit J 1200, Facit J 1250, GCC Writemove, Kodak 150 Plus, Kodak 180 SI, Kodak 300, Kodak 300 W, Kodak Color 4, Kodak Diconix 150, Kodak M 150 Plus, NCR 7728, NCR Proof Machine 7731, NCR Tellerscan TS-200, NCR Tellerscan TS-210, NCR Tellerscan TS-220, NCR Tellerscan TS-300, NCR Tellerscan TS-400 ES, NCR TS 200, NCR TS 210, NCR TS 220, NCR TS 300, NCR TS 400 ES, Olivetti JP 180, Olympia OLYFAX 450, Panini S 1, Philips P 6622, Siemens MD 16, Siemens MD 22,