Neopost-Hasler 8100032H

     Neopost-Hasler 8100032H Compatible Cartridges:

  Neopost-Hasler 8100032H - Red Compatible Cartridge
Yield: 36,000 pages @ 5% coverage
Replaces:   MRN6120, J6120A, PPINKR
8100032H Cartridge

Our Compatible Cartridges are guaranteed to give you the same results as new Neopost-Hasler cartridges at savings of up to 50%. You use them exactly the same as you would new Neopost-Hasler cartridges - when your printer runs empty, you remove the old cartridge, replace it with one of our Compatible Cartridges and continue printing just as you would with a new Neopost-Hasler cartridge.  Save money without compromising print quality!

Neopost-Hasler 8100032H cartridges are used in these printers:

Neopost-Hasler IJ 105, Neopost-Hasler IJ 105 POSTAGE METER, Accufast Envelope Imager PM-6, Accufast Freehand Apple Color Stylewriter, Accufast Freehand HP Color Copier 110, Accufast Freehand HP Color Copier 120, Accufast Freehand HP Color Copier 140, Accufast Freehand HP Color Copier 145, Accufast Freehand HP Color Copier 150, Accufast Freehand HP Color Copier 155, Accufast Freehand HP Color Copier 160, Accufast Freehand HP Color Copier 170, Accufast Freehand HP Color Copier 180, Accufast Freehand HP Color Copier 190, Accufast Freehand HP Color Copier 210, Accufast Freehand HP Color Copier 210 L, Accufast Freehand HP Color Copier 260, Accufast Freehand HP Color Copier 270, Accufast Freehand HP Color Copier 280, Accufast Freehand HP Color Copier 290, Accufast Kodak Science 1000 PS, Accufast OfficeJet G-55, Accufast OfficeJet G-55 XI, Accufast OfficeJet G-85, Accufast OfficeJet G-85 XI, Accufast OfficeJet G-95, Accufast OfficeJet K-60, Accufast OfficeJet K-60 XI, Accufast OfficeJet K-80, Accufast OfficeJet K-80 XI, Accufast OfficeJet R-40, Accufast OfficeJet R-80, Accufast OfficeJet T-45, Accufast OfficeJet T-45 XI, Accufast OfficeJet T-65, Accufast OfficeJet T-65 XI, Accufast OfficeJet PRO 1120 C, Accufast OfficeJet PRO 1150 CSE, Accufast OfficeJet PRO 1170, Accufast OfficeJet PRO 1170 C, Accufast OfficeJet PRO 1170 CSE, Accufast OfficeJet PRO 1170 CXI, Accufast OfficeJet PRO 1175, Accufast OfficeJet PRO 1175 C, Accufast OfficeJet PRO 1175 CSE, Accufast OfficeJet PRO 1175 CXI, Accufast P 3, Accufast P 6, Accufast PhotoSmart 1215, Accufast PhotoSmart 1215 VM, Accufast PhotoSmart 1218, Accufast PhotoSmart 1218 XI, Accufast PhotoSmart P-1000, Accufast PhotoSmart P-1100 XI, Accufast PM 3, Accufast Printer Scanner Copier 370, Accufast Printer Scanner Copier 380, Accufast Printer Scanner Copier 500, Accufast Printer Scanner Copier 500 XI, Accufast Printer Scanner Copier 750, Accufast Printer Scanner Copier 750 XI, AMS Astrojet 300, AMS Astrojet 500, AMS Astrojet 1000, AMS Astrojet 2600, AMS Astrojet 2800, AMS Astrojet 3600, AMS Astrojet 3800, AMS Astrojet IB-8000, AMS Astrojet Ii Plus, AMS Astrojet Iii Plus, AMS Image Blaster, AMS Image System Ii Addressing Sys, AMS Inkjet Printer IB-8000, AMS Jet 300, AMS Jet 500, AMS Jet 1000, AMS Jet 2600, AMS Jet 2800, AMS Jet 3600, AMS Jet 3800, Astro AstroJet 300, Astro AstroJet 500, Astro AstroJet 1000, Astro AstroJet 1000 P, Astro AstroJet 2000 Series, Astro AstroJet 2600, Astro AstroJet 2600 P, Astro AstroJet 2800, Astro AstroJet 3600, Astro AstroJet 3800, Astro AstroJet IB-8000, Astro Astrojet II-Plus, Astro Astrojet III-Plus, Astro Image Blaster, Bryce 9 K, Bryce 9 K-L, Bryce 11 K, Bryce 13 K, Bryce 13 KC, Bryce 22 K, Bryce 24 K, Bryce 24 K-P, Bryce 24 K-P/PC, Bryce 24 K-PC, Bryce 24 KPSV, Bryce 26 K, Bryce 30 K, Bryce Jet Machine 1, Buskro BK 41 B, Buskro BK 60 B, Buskro BK 600 C, Buskro Turnkey System, Data-Tech DP 2000, Data-Tech Printstream I, Data-Tech Printstream II, Marconi Videojet PrintMail I, Marconi Videojet PrintMail I -Wide Ar, MCS Array Imager, MCS Array Imager 4600, MCS Array Imager 6600, MCS Array Imager 8600, MCS Pro 600, Microboards DX 2, Microboards Print Factory 2, NeoPost IJ 105, Nutec M 600, PitneyBowes-Imagistics W 790, Prism Jet Mail II, Prism Jet Mail III, Rena DA 590, Rena DA 595, Rena DA 608, Rena DA 610, Rena DA 612, Rena DA 613, Rena DA 615, Rena DA 620, Rena Envelope Imager I, Rena Envelope Imager II, Rena Envelope Imager III, Rena PS 1000, Rena PS 2000, Rena XPS 80, Rena XPS 90, Rena XPS 2000, Rena XPS 3000, Secap-USA Desktop BOS 5 K-L, Secap-USA Desktop BOS 7 K-L, Secap-USA Desktop BOS 9 K-L, Secap-USA Desktop BOS 13 K-L, Secap-USA Desktop Desktop Junior, Secap-USA Desktop DP-2000, Secap-USA DP 1190, Secap-USA DP 1195, Secap-USA High Volume 24 KPSV, Secap-USA High Volume 26 K, Secap-USA High Volume BOS 24 K, Secap-USA High Volume BOS 24 KPS, Secap-USA High Volume BOS 26 K, Secap-USA High Volume BOS 30 K-L, Secap-USA HIGH VOLUME Printstream I, Secap-USA HIGH VOLUME Printstream II, Secap-USA High Volume V-250, Secap-USA High Volume V-300, Secap-USA Jet I, Secap-USA P 6, Secap-USA Printstream 300 Series, Secap-USA Printstream 600 Series,